Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fossicking for Peridot (Olivine) at the Mount Shadwell Quarry

For the second weekend in a row we found ourselves out in the elements fossicking. This time we were at the Mount Shadwell scoria quarry where gem quality Olivine, or Peridot, can be found.

We attended this trip with other members of the Essendon Gem and Lapidary club.

Olivine, or Peridot, occurs within scoria bombs that must be opened first. The quality of the find varies from none to gem quality with the latter being rare. The act of opening the rock, with a small hammer, renders much of what you find shattered. We had a great day and our one and only cutter was a small piece that Bianca found whilst specking the ground. I will try to get it cut for her but the size of it is currently beyond my skill.

Overall we had a great day and i think everyone came away with something.


a bomb with its olivine layerClose up of a very small peridot crystalanother close up of a peridot crystalBianca's CutterBianca's CutterSome Peridot that will cab up nicely

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